Pair your food & Booze right

Pair your food & Booze right

One of the perfect ways to spend an evening is by being with your buddies, eating yummy food and gulping down drinks. Is there a way to make this even better? You bet! Take your dining experience up a notch by pairing your food & booze right. Check out some pairs that go amazing together:

1. Wine & Cheese:

If you haven’t already, try this classic combination. Grab the cheesiest burger or those extra cheesy loaded nachos and sip your wine…mmm, divine!

2. Red wine & red meat:

You don’t need to be a food critic to know hat this combination works wonders. The strong flavor of red wine with the robust earthy taste of meat, yum! Another thing that goes absolutely wonderful with wine is chocolate. Brownie or a chocolate pastry, if you’re looking for some sinful indulgence,
chocolate and wine is the perfect combination for you.

3. Dark beer & cheesecake:

There’s no surprise in this one, its simple logic. The bitterness of the beer with the sweetness & mildness of a cheese cake provides a delicate balance of flavors. Having said so, beer may be one of the drinks that is super versatile. So you may find many people holding a mug of beer and devouring a delicious delight.

4. Low alcoholic drinks & spicy food:

It’s really tough to find a drink that goes well with spicy food. Play your cards wrong and you could make the fiery tingle on your tongue even worse. Keep the carbonated cocktails away, and pair your spicy food with a glass of drink which is low on alcohol content. You can even opt for sweet wines such as Riesling to bring about a distinct flavor of the two. Beverages with high alcohol content can
make spicy dishes taste spicier

5. Margaritas with fried food:

Inclined towards picking cocktails over pure drinks? No issues. No matter what you eat, a glass of margarita will surly taste good with anything!

6. Acidic drinks with sea food:

Acidic drinks are always a good bet to pair with seafood, salads and heavier food. A citrus-driven cocktail like a mojito, greyhound, or classic daiquiri is an excellent option!

Few pro food-booze tips while getting tipsy

  1. Champagne tastes good with salty food
  2. Keep your drinks sweeter than your desserts
  3. Never go bitter with spicy food

So here are some of the food & booze combinations you can try out. While there are plenty more, these 6 will never disappoint you. Stay tuned for more pairings you can combine for a heavenly dining experience!

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