GT top tips to avoid hangovers

GT top tips to avoid hangovers

Drinking with buddies is all fun and games until the next day you’ve got your hand over your head, wishing you’d had just one glass less. Been there, done that? Half of the population has! Yet we still can’t resist the temptation of intoxicants. Well, lucky for us, there are a few ways to minimize the hangover misery.

Here are some of Gypsy Turtle’s top tips to avoid bad headaches, nauseated feelings and what not due to letting the good times (over) pour!

1. Keep the soda at bay:

You may love the bubbles, but it’ll leave you bubbling in pain! Carbonated drinks and sugary mixers induce bloating, thus resulting in bad stomach pain later on. So next time you ask the bartender to mix you up a cocktail, mind telling him to go less on the bubbling drinks.

2. Eat some before you drink some:

Golden rule of GT, never drink loads on an empty stomach! This may be one of the major reasons for hangovers. An empty tummy causes alcohol to pass quickly into the small intestine and get absorbed into the bloodstream faster. This leads to heightened side efforts such as hampered body movements and cognitive abilities. So keep on chewing food while you’re gulping drinks!

3. Sweat it all out

Got drunk? Then move your body! Whether it’s the dance floor or a treadmill the next day, sweating will not only release your happy hormones, but also ward off the hangover symptoms! Just be sure to stash a cup of water nearby to rehydrate.

4. Keep the cigarettes away:

Aah, we know it. Drinks and cigarettes go hand in hand. But so does cigarettes, drinking and hangovers! So if you want to be in good condition the next day, better keep that smoke away.

5. Stick to colourless drinks

You can significantly reduce the severity of hangovers by drinking low-congener beverages, such as vodka, gin or rum. Clear drinks may not lead to a clearer vision, but sure will help minimize the headache of the next day.

6. Sleep soundly, eat eggs plenty

Eggs are an awesome source of cysteine, which helps break down a headache-causing toxin that produced when your body digests alcohol. So wake up, crack an egg, eat a heavy omelette delight and have a headache free day!

Everyone’s body has a different alcohol tolerance, and the amount of alcohol needed to inducehangover varies among individuals. But when you do feel like the alcohol is kicking your gut, trust usand try out these tips out! Stay tipsy little gypsy!

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